Character events for Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin
Magic close to h​ome
Friend Like Me works hard to bring high quality entertainment to every event we do. From making our costumes in house to training our cast to stay in character until they are out of sight and sound, our events are always memorable, safe, and family friendly. 
Creating diverse and interactive magic is why Friend Like Me was founded. Through careful auditions and hiring processes to in-depth character studies and improv training, every character you come across will make it feel as though they've stepped right out of their world and into yours. 
Know that booking with us is easy and completely customizable to your needs! 

The Fairy Godmother with the Magic Touch 

Meet Amber Jackson, Co-owner and Operator of Friend Like Me 

Having previously worked at one of the most magical places on earth, I quickly came to realize that traveling to far off kingdoms is not as easy or affordable as it once was. That is what motivated me to make my dream of having an entertainment company into a reality! More than anything I want to bring the magic of far off kingdoms home to kids who might never otherwise get to meet their favorite characters. 

With a BFA in theatrical costume production I'm always excited to make new costumes that are high quality and help tell the story of each character while showing off their individuality. While some of our characters may have similar silhouettes and colors to costumes you might see elsewhere, I decided to stray away from being a cookie cutter company. Each character you meet will be unique and expertly detailed while still being easily identified. 

It brings me great joy to book parties and create events because I trust the cast I've hired to make the most of ever second they get to spend with the children who come across their paths. This company is an honor to run and I cannot wait to create more magic. 

-Amber Jackson

The Hero Behind the Scenes

Meet Kevin Jackson, Marine Corps Veteran and Co-owner of Friend Like Me

My love for cartoons, Anime, and characters that are larger than life has been strong since I was a child. I was happy to have a
family so I could pass along my love for these cherished characters. These characters, to me, showed that anyone could be a hero, that use of imagination creates wondrous things, and a positive attitude in life make a difference.

When my daughter first approached me with the idea of starting a character entertainment business, I thought it was a great idea for the city of Milwaukee and southeastern Wisconsin. I believed in her vision and passion, and wanted to be a part of that positive vision.

I have always shown her the importance of not just making a profit, but being charitable in all we do. This is why it is important to me that Friend Like Me becomes a part of the community. We not only want to provide the best character experience at private events, but we want to partner with charitable non-profits to support their missions. No matter what the event, we love to bring joy and wonder to all we work with.

-Kevin Jackson